Gyroscope on Sensor Board

The current version of Pixelblaze sensor board has an accelerometer for fun effects, but two forum threads have asked about a gyroscope.

  1. Expansion Board
  2. Example patterns using 3-axis accelerometer

Benefit: Still fuzzy so far. Both of those threads were exploratory, neither of them (yet) describe a concrete example where gyroscope is critical.

Cost: Adding a gyroscope (or replacing existing 3-DOF sensor with 6- or 9-DOF sensor) would require change to the sensor board BOM, PCB layout, STM32 firmware, and Pixelblaze to expose a new API.

Unknown (to me): Is there a way to patch gyroscope data into a current revision Pixelblaze for exploration and prototyping of patterns?

See also

And a request as a built in feature:

Rotation acceleration would be very handy for quickly adjusting to changes in rotation, where the gravity vector might not be sufficient.

There’s also some algorithms that can integrate 6 or 9 axis information to give really good orientation and improved dead-reckoning positional information.

I’m prototyping a version of the Pico with a 6 axis (accel +gyro) for use in poi / staves / hoops.

A future version of the sensor board could use this too.

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Great to hear accel+gyro is already in the works, I look forward to playing with it.

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