Half-built Pentagonal Hexecontahedron; could use some more 🧠

Here is the first 30 faces (cells) of a pentagonal hexecontahedron I’m building. It is resin printed and using WS2801 bullet-style LED strand scraps I had laying around from a different project. It has a lot of similarity to @aaroneous’ pentagonal icositetrahedron

I believe this is either xorcery 3D or cube fire 3d:

Here it is with the Fusion 360 model and the axis test:

I could use some ideas on how to power/control this when it’s closed up. The goals are:

  • Battery powered so it’s portable
  • Control the patterns somehow. Remote? Button?

Ideally I’d be able to run it on battery power and be portable or plug it in to wall power and be always on. I was thinking that a single USB port or 5V barrel jack would be at at one of the vertices, flush against the surface.

Was also thinking a remote could work for changing patterns/brightness? I could test an IR remote, but is that easily added to the V3?


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Very nice!!! I love the build and the look.

For power you could do a bit of both, running power to a charger, like a USB battery pack kind of thing. You’d probably want a power switch accessible too.

The button signals on PB can be wired to an external button, handy for switching patterns or cycling a playlist.

IR remotes don’t work directly, but another micro could decode those and speak websockets to PB and do just about anything. The IR bit wouldn’t even need to be inside. Could also make a remote with an esp directly and skip the IR.

Do you mean the remote itself contains an ESP8266 and talks to PB over wifi? I didn’t think of having a custom remote with all the buttons on it :thinking:

ooooo maybe I could use an SNES controller or other game controller!


Yep, an esp8266 or esp32.

The downside is they are power hungry when running, and wifi takes a bit to connect if you have them sleep between input. But otherwise would do the trick.

Another video from it being 90% complete

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