Halloween projects 2022

Post your Halloween projects!

One of my girls wanted to be a “moon queen”. Just a jigsaw, spray paint, usb pack and Pixelblaze.

And I wanted to be the everything bagel from “Everything, everywhere, all at once”

I love that Pixelblaze lets me add something really unique to halloween costumes quickly. Both of these were done in a day. This makes 3 years of better costumes with Pixelblaze.


@jeff Thats awesome! Love the bagel, but the moon is so touching :heart:

Everyone has been down with a cold or flu or something, so we went light on the costumes and outings, but we threw together some house decorations.

First up was the Eye of Sauron, haunting my window.

The weekend of, I wanted to make an LED panel fire pumpkin. Tried lasering some flame effects around the eyes, but the pumpkin was super thick!

Fire is OK, but green ghostly fire? Way better.

Next up was a considerable spider infestation, after the car broke down.

Later on the pumpkin possession got pretty intense. A beacon/lure for trick or treaters as we retreated into the house.


Same here… I wanted to upgrade the monster / cat eyes at our place with something pixelblaze, but just didn’t get it done!

I did this year get some smart bulbs for all the outdoor and landscape lights so I could have better color and transitions.

Hoping for next year!


Amazing. I’m going to get me one of those Fibonacci spirals just for the eye of Sauron.