Has anyone made lighted arches?

Have any of you made lighted arches utilizing the 5 meter 144 pixel strings?
I’m thinking of a series of arches over the sidewalk in front of my house for Christmas. They would have to be tall enough and wide enough for the tallest of humans. I’m thinking the 5 meter strips would have to slide into a translucent tube that could be formed to an arch of some sort.
I’m thinking maybe 5 or 6 arches over the length of appx 50’ driven by 1 V3 board.

Has anyone done anything like this using a PB? I remember seeing something similar at Burningman a few years ago and it was a cool effect. I think it was sound tube or something like that. I have no idea what leds or controller they were using.


144/m is likely way overkill and a huge power suck. Depending on your needs, 60/m or even 30/m could work… Use white tubing, not transparent for best effect. You can use pex, or other easily available tubing. I’ve seen sone good videos on how to build and wire these… I’ll link when I refind them.

Most of the arch info is for smaller arches so support might be an issue going big, you might need a frame to support the top (or maybe connect one to the next with a cross beam, giving you the stability?)


That’s great info. Thanks for that. I would be using the 5 meter 30 lpm.