Have Playlist on pause by default

I have a project that has a button wired up for switching patterns in the playlist. I want the default power on behaviour to be that the pattern will only ever change when I press the button. I know I can go into the UI and hit “pause”, but I can’t figure out how to have that be the default. Is it that I can’t use the playlist feature and I’ll just have to delete all patterns except those I want?

Set the playlist item time to something astronomical.


Oh. I thought it was possible to set the playlist to never advance and I did that before turning Wifi off and heading to the Burn. But then it started advancing by itself and I wondered if I had indeed not set that option or if it had somehow reset itself.

(Is there a limit to “astronomical”? I know JS is er, quirky around its concept of numbers and I’d be worried I’d accidentally wrap around by selecting something too high…)

The ui will cap it to the limit. It ends up being a few weeks if I remember.

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