Having trouble upgrading


I am having trouble trying to do an upgrade. I get the error: Current version: v2.21 Error, check internet connection. I have tried various resets and power cycles. Is there any way to further troubleshoot the issue? It is in close proximity to the wifi router, about 4 feet away, and shows strong signal strength. I can reach it fine from other devices in the network.



Hi @chrisla23 -

I haven’t heard many people have issues lately, but that is a fairly old v2 firmware (perhaps January 2020 I believe).

Let’s try having you upgrade manually. First, check your available memory, especially if you’ve loaded a bunch of patterns on this device. I forget for that particular firmware how much must be available, but it’s be good to see 100K available or more. To be safe, you could export a few of the largest patterns first and delete them from that controller.

Then download the latest firmware for V2’s, v2.29 from the News and Announcements category post.

Now, connect to http://<your device’s IP address>/update

Upload the .stfu file you downloaded to this page and wait until the upload finishes and it reboots.

Let us know how that goes.