Hd-107 vs apa102/sk9822

Has anybody had any experience with the new Hd107 strips? The specs say they don’t have an issue with voltage drop like the apa102 leds. I originally wanted to get them for my project but was concerned with the voltage drop issues so I went with the 12 volt ws2815. Since the wiring was going to be ran from each of the wheel wells and through the firewall. Having to inject power in several spots was definitely not an option.
Thanx guys

I see the marketing materials claiming this, but I’m a little confused as to how they achieve this. I would think the only three routes would be:

  1. A blue LED chemistry that has a smaller forward voltage.
  2. Such increased luminous efficiency (or lower max brightness) that less current is drawn per lumen or per LED. But the data sheet still reads 20mA per color.
  3. Fatter copper traces on the strip. But this has nothing to do with the chipset.

Some improvement is certainly possible when compared to the original apa102. Didn’t these start out square, back in 2014?

The newer world-semi WS2812, WS2813, and the eco variants all have pretty good low voltage support.
They have improved lower drop-out LED driver circuitry, and fairly low Vf green/blue LEDs. Works pretty well to 3V, and even a bit below that brightness drops noticeably before blue/green starts dropping out.

Another trick I’ve seen is using 3535 (3.5mm x 3.5mm) LED packages instead of 5050 (5mm x 5mm), leaving more room for copper traces which improves current handling.

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I’m using hd107 strips. I don’t have anything to compare them with, though.
They are quite blue at low brightness levels. (I wouldn’t even call what should be ‘white’ at low brightness levels white… It’s blue).
Otherwise, I was playing w/ a 5 meter long strip before I cut it up, and didn’t notice any change in color or brightness along the entire length.

Awesome! Thanks for the verification.
were are you sourcing your strips from?



Got the hd107’s, as well as some addressable cool white, warm white, amber strips (WWA).
The WWA strips are really great for flashing, fire, sparkle, type things.

thanks for the plug.

I use SK9822-A led strip,it can completely replace APA102 LED and Hd107.it’s very faster and price is cheaper.