Help Identifying LED Panel

Hello Group. I just inherited several hundred 24x24 led panels. But for the life of me I cannot figure out what type of panels they are. Has anyone seen this type and how to go about controlling them?


those look to be the panels used to construct large scale LED walls. theres a writeup on adafruit about how to build one.

i built one as a project several years ago… you need to get some pretty specialized hardware that can convert a signal from a computer (HDMI for example) and send it to the wall if you want to build a large wall out of many of those panels.

you can find this hardware on aliexpress pretty easily… search for “led wall sender” and down the rabbit hole you go. its not for the faint of heart…

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Hey, thanks. I am familiar with the 16pin hub75 interface and can work with them but this 26pin panel has no information about it anywhere. I was hoping to be able to create some projects with these but, i don’t think thats going to happen In the meantime, down the rabbit hole I go.

oooh! i didnt note the pin count. you’re right, i worked with the 16 pin panels.

how many LEDs on each panel? i was researching high definition panels (those with ~1mm pitch) and saw a note about how the connectors for those were incompatible with the more common LED wall setups.

EDIT: nevermind. i re-read the original post. 24x24. i guess not high definition then.

Could this be a 26-pin HUB54 connector? I have no experience with this type of interface, but thought I would just throw out what information I could find.

Here’s a HUB54 product that shows the pinout, which appears to have similar signal definitions as the 16-pin HUB75.

Hope this helps!

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