Help me trouble shoot this

Hello, I have the current issue:
Chanel 3 output after a while starts changing colors then after a while turns off.

Would this be a bad connection at the LEDs? It happens on both sides at the same time.

It’s hard to see from the photo what’s going on, and not sure what it should look like.

Flickering and that sort of thing can be data line issues or even bad LEDs in the chain.

If colors are dropping to red, that indicates a power supply issue. Voltage drop or low voltage will lose blue and green first.

I can’t think of anything that would cause a stable color shift then black at the data layer. If data fails it will flicker or freeze.

Are other LEDs on the same supply?

Hi Ben, thanks for the reply.

All the LEDs should be red. As you can see that section is NOT. As soon as I fire up everything the scooter the LEDs work as they are supposed to. After a few minutes this section starts to flicker then changes colors. Then a few minutes later totally shuts off.

It happens intermittently…

All lower section LEDs are powered from the same source.

Flickering sounds like a data line and/or LED issue. Since it happens after a while, it may be heat related. Some LED manufacturing defects can manifest themselves this way where heat causes materials to expand and can cause intermittent connections inside the LED package. Try pressing on things, sometimes that can solidify a bad connection with wiring or inside the LED package, and can help pinpoint the issue.

If you suspect the output expander, you can try switching to a different channel, though I think it is less likely the cause.

Yes, and it has not happened in the last two days.

When it starts happening I will rip into that area and do as you say.