Help turning on SK9822 strip

First time working with SK9822 strip, and first time w/ the pixelblaze v3 pico. It’s wired up on the strip, and the pixelblaze interface works great - can access all the controls via wifi and the indicator light on the board is on.

But the LEDs don’t even flicker. No light at all.

I’ve been playing with all the settings I can find, including counting the exact LED count, turning the brightness all the way down and up, messing with the strip type, RGB-GRB-GBR, etc - just trying all the random things I can think of. Switched from a battery to a 5v USB wall plug and still nothing.

What’s really weird is when I use my voltage meter on the end of the strip, I have 5v power across the 5v/ground. I also have 5v power measured across the Din and Dout on every other LED. Not sure if that’s normal or a clue to troubleshooting this.

Looking for random troubleshooting brainstorm things to try!

SK9822 is 4-wire: 5V, GND, Din, Clock. You didn’t mention Clock at all. Are you sure it’s SK9822, and you have clock/data the right way around?

Returning to this, and discovered that the board and the strip actually have the Clock and Data pins reversed, so I had wired that incorrectly. However, I think there was another issue with the strip wiring. I got rid of the stock wires and did it myself and i’ts working now. Back to the sweet, sweet joys of programming a new pixelblaze. Thanks again!


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