Hole spacing for PB3 and pro expansion board?

Yeah I know i could break out the calipers but are there physical measurements listed anywhere?

I want to mount the pro expansion board and PB3 on a laser cut board and knowing exact size and spacing of those holes would be really really amazing.

@wizard - tagging you because… obvious. :smile:

I think Wizard’s on a trip for a moment. Since someone else was asking a related question, and I’ve been doing a lot of Fusion lately, I just made this. Should be within 1 mm for everything (I used calipers).

f3d, step, and iges files

Since I love a good challenge, here’s what I came up with. I loaded the PB3 PCB layout file (PB32_3.x.brd) from GitHub into this free online viewer at Altium.

And here’s a pair of screenshots showing the locations of the two mounting holes on the PB3.