Home Assistant Custom Integration

For those interested in integrating your pixelblaze into Home Assistant, I’ve setup a github repository for a custom integration.


From Home Assistant - you can control the brightness, start the sequencer, set the pattern from the installed pattern list, and if the pattern supports it, a single color picker. You can extend this further by setting up automation, such as switching to a sound pattern when playing music with a media_player

Many Thanks to @zranger1 for his Python client!


Thank you!!! This is amazing.

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This is awesome! Thanks for doing it. I hope when people see how cool and flexible this setup is this is, and how much life it adds to a room, they’ll give it a try too!

@wizard I’d like to submit the EM logo into the Home Assistant brand so that the integration contains a nice logo. Would you be able to provide me a 512x512 px and 256x256 px PNG with transparent background? I was going to use the one on the website but its only 160px.

Full res black

Full res transparent



Thanks for the images. However, the 512 and Full res transparent are .jpg files and not PNG. The 256px did come out as png.

Yeah I think discourse transcoded them. Might be some file size threshold. I’ll upload again somewhere else when I get a chance.

I thought it was just the preview but can’t get the original from here.

Hi, I wanted to say thanks for making this integration! You saved me from mqtt :slightly_smiling_face:


Is this still working?

Currently Running Home Assistant 2023.2.3
Supervisor 2023.01.1
Operating System 9.5

Latest Pixelblaze software on a Pico.

Seems like it will connect, I can control brightness for a few seconds, then it will disconnect, and eventually crashes my HA server. :frowning: I’m a huge noob to HA, but this was a huge reason for me to switch to HA from Alexa.

I don’t have an HA setup, so don’t have a great way to test this at the moment. I’d bet though, that HA keeps an error log somewhere that’ll tell you why it crashed. If you can find it and post whatever it gives you on the crash here, it might be of some help.