How can I test that the expansion board is working?

I just soldered it on per the included instructions. Then I tried a sound activated pattern and it doesn’t appear to be working. I turned on the Vars watch and sound variables are not changing. Any recommendations for troubleshooting?


Interesting, it works when I use the micro usb power connector, but not when I use the barrel plug that is connected directly to the strip.

Can both power connectors be used at the same time? I use the barrel plug to connect to an AC power adapter for full power, so I don’t want to give that up.

Hi @Troy
If Pixelblaze is getting power and working, the sensor board should work too as it draws power from the same regulator as Pixelblaze. It sounds like maybe there’s an iffy connection.

Do not connect both a USB cable and external power. This can cause damage.

If you need dual power supplies, keep the external power supply’s positive side disconnected from Pixelblaze entirely, but you will need to connect GND (or negative) of both connected for the LED data signals to work.

On the top right of the screen is a status information section showing app connection, FPS, and “exp” will show SB10 if the sensor board is detected. Watching vars should also work.