How do I wire the clock wires for multiple SK9822 strings to a single Output Expander?


I am building an art piece for my regional burn in Colorado. So far I have the PixelBlaze V3 Standard, Output Expander, and the 5v converter on the way.

I have read how to wire up the PixelBlaze to the Output Expander. I am going to be using 4-6 strings of SK9822 LEDs. How would I connect the clock wire on the SK9822s going into the Output Expander? I am about to order a pack of 4-Pin X Connects and wondering if I need them or the 3-Pin. I haven’t seen a ton of documentation or wiring diagrams for connecting multiple SK9822s.

Would something like this be the way to go?

I’m not sure that using the PB clock output directly like that will work. According to the expander instructions, you need to assign one of the expander outputs to be your clock output. Then you can connect all of your SK9622 clock inputs to the single expander output that you assigned as the clock output.


Hi @CollinCrush, welcome!
@Irwin has it right. The clock on the Pixelblaze is only used if it’s directly driving the strip and isn’t used with the output expander.

I would balance your outputs between shared clocks. You can share a clock output, but if you have free outputs it’s better to use them. So e.g with 6 strips, use 6 for data, and 2 for clock, sharing each clock output with 3 strips.