How to lengthen the wires on the led lights

Hey everyone,
Total noob here with a question about how to add wires to the ones on the led strips, I needed to strip the negative wire on the led light and attached along with the negative power line to my controller, but I constantly couldn’t correctly strip the led wire and kept cutting more and more of this wire that I I ended up might not have long enough wire on the strip to use it. So is there something I can do to add more wire to the wires on the led lights strips.

Hi Warwick - do you think you could post a picture of what’s happening?

Many times I am using the JST-SM connector itself (these guys) to connect ground between the controller and the strip.

If you’re running out of wire to get to the pixelblaze screw terminals, it might be helpful to search YouTube for some soldering techniques to splice and extend wire. Here’s a few:

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