Huge matrix of bottles?

Also Mate Light: GitHub - jaseg/matelight: Show text and gifs on mate crates. Uses C code orchestrated from Python via ctypes.

Unfortunately, in the US, bottle reuse is not at all a thing, so there are no standardized crates with bottles you can buy. So we use milk crates (which is a thing) and put common, clear 12oz (355ml) bottles in (Mate, Corona,…) inside. Wrapped in aluminum foil, they make nice pixels.

The set-up is 9 crates wide and 7 crates high for a total of 63 crates (see wiring here) with 25 ‘pixels’ each (this is what fits in our MakerFaire booth). 45x35 pixels or 1575 pixels total. All operated by a Raspberry Pi that provides a network API to update the display.

So nifty idea: Use bullet pixels (50 for $10 or so at Amazon in bulk), wrap plastic or glass bottles in foil to help focus light to leave bottom of bottles, arrange in crates for portability or just build a wall?
Forget using a PC… You can control the whole things with one Pixelblaze, map it and have it become a centerpiece in the room. “Fireplace? Oh I just put Doom Fire on the wall instead.”

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