I am doing a huge project with SM18624E chip

Hello everyone. This is very important to me. I hope I get good help to make this work like I want and like I need. I am doing a huge project using this chip SM18624E. I just get a sample and the pico seems to control all the colors and effects. But I am having troubles to connect the phone to the pico and sometimes when I get it connected look like the pico crash when I try to change patterns. Could be the chip making this behavior to the controller?

I’m not familiar with that chip, can you link some info?

My guess is that it’s power related. Dirty power can cause all kinds of problems. Can you provide info on the power supply, how far the PB is from that, and what kind of current draw the LEDs are consuming?

The other key thing with the pico is to keep metal things away from the antenna (the blue thing on the end opposite the connections) for best signal.

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The pico is really close to the Leds. It may draw about 10 amps or so? The power supply is a 1200 HP Server power supply. I am using a 3amps usb adapter for the pico and sharing grounds.

How far from power is the pico? Maybe 1-2 feet of wire in the twisted stuff? It looks like it goes to the white cable, where does that go and how long is it? Can you get a photo of the usb adapter & specs?

The usb adapter come Ram 2019 :smile: here is a picture. The wire is not that long.

And the data is very short.