I think my PB died

I recently ordered a blaze and the first time I use it I think it died. Everything was going great, I went to go eat dinner and came back in about an hour and it wasn’t working. Doesn’t power up and it’s not on the wifi. I have ws2812b led string. Any clues or advice on how to remedy this would be great. Thanks!!

Did you check the power supply output?

First troubleshooting step is to disconnect everything, try powering it via USB. Often there’s a power issue or wiring or something and that can quickly verify the PB is OK, and let you get in to make any changes necessary like reducing brightness to curb power use.

I have and its putting out 5.0 volts. The LED on the board no longer powers on.

I just tried that after reading your suggestion and unfortunately it still doesn’t show up on wifi. The power indicator no longer comes on when plugged in.

Worth a try! They usually come back. Send me an email with your order details and I can help get you a replacement. wizard@electromage.com

I appreciate it! Some top notch customer service right there. :slight_smile:

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