Impressive 2400 * 1515-size Icosahedron using SAMD51 and FPGA


ouch, the howto is a mess, full of his mistakes (which is good for learning, I guess, but…). It’s also not addressable.

I think there is absolutely a market for addressable triangular matrix panels with/in a variety of sizes. If someone even just makes a PCB that can be ordered (including SMT parts), that would be huge

or maybe not:

and PCBway says:

and seeed says:

(looking at seeed now, as they offer this, and claim they are good at it… they offer just one sk6812 model and it’s 7+ cents each. sigh.

So… sounds like a PCB with SMT is out… unless its ordered and then hand placed, reflowed?

Someone offering a cheap ready to use Triangle panel would be a godsend.

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Greg is kind of a legend with soldering and PCB design, and his icosahedron is amazing in person. These are addressable - just not serial addressable LEDs like we use with Pixelblaze. Instead this is more like a custom LED wall panel.

I’ve also written about this “Evil Popcorn” and it’s one of the main reasons I manufacture my LED panels myself. I could not find a reliable source.

It all comes down to dehydrating the LEDs. I bake them at 70C for 2 days before assembly. We could make triangular LED PCBs with PB compatible LEDs. One would need to be designed first though.


No pricing. very much meant to do flat, connected matrix, 2D only. 144 pixels

Single led triangles:

expensive per led
and really, 1 led per triangle?

here’s one with 45 pixels, arranged nicely.
No pricing

The 37 led hexes from m5stack are cheap, bright, and relatively small. That’s kinda the ideal, I think, except tiling hexes is fine, but not much you can do with 3D. If they did a triangle panel of the same side, that would great.

@JasonCoon had made some single LED ones for his own “icosaLEDron.”


yeah, I knew I’d seen the single led elsewhere, and I was thinking of Jason’s spirals, as well.

On the other end of the scale:

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Another option, with 3 LEDs per equilateral triangle face:

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I made one with 15 LEDs per face that used JST connectors on the back, instead of the (expensive) castellated edges:

But I struggled with how to mount them into an icosahedron or other shapes. I haven’t revisited (yet).


others I found:
I’ve bought a controller (or two) from them, have to hook it up (for Poi, to compare to Pico). They also have hex and pentagon, but I’m not crazy about any of those, really.

more nanoleaf like, but they do show them in 3D configs
but of course, one big panel of color, not a matrix

And lastly, thanks to a link on twitter from Jason:

and EightByEight Blinky – Blinkinlabs🇺🇸

which is a square, but is also self-contained controller and all…
Imagine a Pico combined with a matrix, and a battery, as a necklace)

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you really want 138 degree angle connectors, likely best 3d printed.

I see you went for a cleaner design, but I suspect a simple screwed connector would yield easier mounting/assembly options. (I’m picturing just a simple 90 degree style 2 screw mount, but at 138 degrees, so you’d screw each edge to the next.)

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Loved the story about evil popcorn. I think I will be getting some 8x8 panels from wizard for Christmas :slight_smile: Hey @wizard any plans on making HD107s panels? I’m seeing more lose HD107s 5050s packs on aliexpress so the leds are gaining acceptance. I also have interest in triangle led boards… that would allow building into 3d shapes.

135 degree connector for LEDs. Really not quite what I meant but… Damn close.

Likely something like this can be customized:

@devoh That same guy I linked you before in CO is now making HD107 8x8s for $17:


I’m working on hd108 and ws2816 support. I have sk9822 panels now, but I suppose running some hd107 wouldn’t be too bad if the footprint is the same. How many would you need?


I would like to make a cube so 6 and a PB Pico to go inside. hmmm I forgot this hobby is expensive :slight_smile: And speaking of expensive, I’d like to make an Isohedron when we get someone to make some nice triangles… and hexagons… We have some VERY talented people in our PB world… oh the 3d shapes we could make :slight_smile:

Also if you are working on HD108 then no need for the HD107s. The HD108 are its replacement and better :slight_smile: I think that HD108’s would be a hit due to their power saving and brightness levels, not to mention insane refresh speed.

So my wishlist is you offering HD108’s (8x8) and making some shapes like triangles and hexagons that we can use to build other shapes.


here’s another 1 pixel LED triangle:

also Trixel LED - Seeed Fusion Gallery
I can’t tell if those are populated or not… but price drops hugely in quanity.

I’m about to attempt SMD at home on some HD108 LEDs. Any tips for me to dehydrate without having a dedicated oven?

If the LEDs are packed fresh with desiccant and a moisture detection card, you are probably fine without dehydration.

I’ve heard of someone doing it in their cooking oven, but I wouldn’t recommend it, at all. The temperature control of those is very poor, and you risk contaminating your oven with burnt plastic fumes and other things.

The next best thing would be a food dehydrator. The cheap circular ones also work well for drying printer filament!

I have not had great luck with HD108 LEDs even with baking moisture out, not sure if I had a bad batch, or they are particularly sensitive. I wish you luck, and let us know how it goes!

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Oh I have a food dehydrator! I can run that for days.

Will let you know how this project goes! :crossed_fingers: