Inconsistent Wifi AP Mode


I use the PB (Standard+Sensor Board) on a wearable accessory, which means i need to access to it with a phone to select a specific pattern or modify some parameters (luminosity mostly) on the go.

For this i use it on AP Mode with an android smartphone.

Very, very often, i have the following problem:

  • Phone connected to the PB in Wifi
  • trying to access the address through (i use a bookmark to avoid the https)
  • screen not loading (nothing loads), or the loading cube forever (when reconnecting)

This happens in particular if I connected once, put back my phone in my pocket and tried to re-access the UI later.
This problem persists if i close/restart my browser, turn off then on again my phone wifi, and even if I restart the PB (and wait for the phone to reconnect to the wifi).

I observed a reliable way to avoid this is to:

  • manually disconnect from the PB wifi access point (keep wifi activated on the phone)
  • manually reconnect to the wifi access point of the PB

Which is kinda annoying when i’m on the go trying to change luminosity quickly.

I tried to use Pixel Lights (third party app) as well, and i have a similar problem: Pixelblaze works fine the first time, then if i come back to it after closing the app, switching to another app or turning off my screen, nothing is detected anymore and even a reboot of the PB does not solve the problem. It comes back randomly after several minutes, or if i do the wifi trick above.

Did i do something wrong ?

Hey, Hololit - that’s really interesting, thanks for the detailed reproduction steps. What version of the Pixelblaze firmware are you on?

Hello Jeff,

My firmware version is 3.30.

Note: when using in Client mode (PB connects to a wifi), i have zero problems. Works like a charm.

Shoot, we’ll, that’s the current firmware. Do you have an internet sharing / wifi mode on your phone where you could test it in the scenario where the phone is the AP?

I could do that, but that’s not super convenient.
It would mean my phone needs to be constantly in “AP mode” when I want to use the PB.

I’ll do some tests this weekend and I’ll let you know.

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