Infrared Remote Control of PB lighting

I’m just getting interested in PB, but the main need I have is to replace a bunch of the typical RGB IR remote controls that I have been using.

It seems a natural use for PB, but I was surprised not to easily find an application here via a search.

Is there something that integrates the blocks required: IR receiver/decoder, IR transmitter, PB driver, LED strips?

I’m upping this as it seems it did not get a feedback.
Would it be possible to control the pixelblaze using a small remote like the one below ?

It seems there are 2 categories of these remotes:

  • IR → Not ideal to control anything enclosed because you need to get a receiver out of the enclosure
  • Wifi → Would this work with Pixelblaze ? Or would it need a second “receiver” to be connected to GPIO ?

Well, there is the WLED on an ESP32 Boards controlled by wifi. That works very well except that it is basically a canned choice of patterns.

RF control is what I’m looking for (and unsuccessfully found several versions.)

I just didn’t find anything that is as easy with PB as the WLED with ESP32.

It seems you can control WLED devices with an ESP-NOW remote. Infrared - WLED Project

This is great because it needs no addtionnal hardware (IR receiver) or line of sight and seems to be natively supported by ESP32, so maybe the code needed to support it is not too heavy (additionnal ressources).

However I have not seen anything related to it in the Pixelblaze settings, and I doubt we can manage this “in-pattern”, this is beyond my skill. That could be an amazing new feature though for many different Pixelblaze applications.

That’s what I thought, too. There’s plenty of activity with WLED, just not PixelBlaze.

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