Injection from same PSU Long Run

Ive been using the calcuator at Spiker ( thanks to whomever shared it first here ). In the injection examples on there site there using different PSU for injection into each section.

I assume if i single PSU rated at enough amps i can just inject as and where is needed ?
Also keeping the postive line continuous ?


Something like this :

Finally my LEDS will be closer than one inch as using 60led / meter tape does this matter ? 1 Inch distance seems very far.

Please be gentle just getting into this :slight_smile: Thanks !

Hey @flashy!

Looks like you’ve got a handle of stuff pretty well!

Your power injection calculations for 60/m will be better than 1 inch, so if you use their 1inch setting it just ends up being conservative for you. @wizard might know the equivalent wire gauge to use when considering most common strips (how much copper is in a flex trace?)

My rule of thumb has always been to inject 5V 60/m strips every 4 meters (every 240 pixels).

Correct on the power supply - with a single power supply, you can keep the positive lines connected through the run and inject power whoever you need.

Good luck!

Thanks for taking the time to reply :pray:t2:

I realise now also i will have to use 5V LEDS as 12v dont seem to be addressable down to the individual led lots to learn !

Actually there’s a few different individually addressable chipsets that use 12V for the LEDs. Then you need to provide the Pixelblaze with about 300mA of 5V via a separate power supply or buck converter.

I’ve recently been a big fan of the GS8208. WS2811s are cheap and come in a lot form factors like strings/strands. WS2815s are also popular for strips.