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I’ve been noticing that more times than not, the Patterns page refuses to acknowledge my mouse selection. Selecting any pattern just doesn’t work. Also, when I edit a pattern, save it, then select it using the add button for playlist, the last pattern runs, next pattern on list starts BUT it’s the previous pattern that plays, not the one selected. Is this a restart issue? I’ve restarted several times today, both Pixelblaze and my web browser and it seems to work just once then what I’ve stated above starts.
Anyone experience these issues with Pixelblaze?

Just like with the other topic, I think a video could be really useful if that’s something you’re comfortable doing. Upload it to YouTube as a unlisted video and then just paste the link in a reply to this topic.

It sounds somewhere between a wifi reliability issue and a code bug with playlists.

Help please…
Sequencer/Playlist page up and running but not functioning. Any selected pattern doesn’t acknowledge that it’s on. Any pattern selected to be added to Playlist only works if it’s the first one. Additional patterns show they’re running but only the first pattern continously runs. What’s going on here?

Hi there -

Can you record a brief video of the behavior?

I wanted to verify you’re seeing the word “Connected” in the top right, and that your playlist is in the playing mode (the play button becomes green and turns it’s label into the word “pause”).

I’m using an iMac. Can you tell me how to record a short video for you to see? Yes top right says:
Connected v3.20 FPS:498.50 Mem:10239 Exp: Yes playing mode button turns green and switches label to Pause.

I really like the free app Monosnap. You can find it on the Apple OSX App Store.

Building on what Timster was saying in the other thread, can you describe the distance and materials between your Pixelblaze and your router?

Yes I can describe the distance: 5 feet from router. Not enclosed (exposed) as I’m still testing and observing.

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