Is there a reference for error messages?

i.e. what does ‘lastSrc is not defined’ mean?

Where did you see this error? I haven’t seen/heard of that one. It sounds like a bug in the client code, I might be able to track it down with more info.

I discovered it was because I was trying to ask for the length of an array.

for(i = 0; i < myArray.length; i++){}

Ah ok, I’ll work on getting the error message more useful!

Seems using String charCodeAt will reliably trigger this condition, along with various array accesses.

Yep, currently the language subset doesn’t include objects like strings. Only the syntax was borrowed from es6.

I was running into this too - can I confirm that the only method on an Array is the accessor []? There’s no way to pass just an array to a function and know it’s length, right?

To date I’ve been allocating arrays with a global variable that specifies their length and either using that in the function or passing the length in as an additional argument.

All these tradeoffs are fine with me if they save you from writing a GC that will probably make patterns jitter :wink: