Is there now a fade between sequencer patterns?

I’m running into a super weird bug, and the beginning of an explanation I can think of is that a recent update introduced a fade in/out between sequencer patterns, and the fade duration is proportional to the time that pattern is supposed to run…

No? Probably not? I’m very confused on this one.

Yes there’s a transition. The time can be controlled by the :clapper: icon text box. It’s in seconds.

like this?

How does transition work, is it fade in or out or both? Is the time factoring one or both of those? what happens if the transition time is greater than the pattern time?

Well, that fixed the bug.

It won’t work quite right if the transition time is longer than the pattern time. 30s is quite long.

What’s the default? 1 second? Did I accidentally change it? That would make a lot of sense.

Yep, that sounds right.

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