Issues with Pro Output Expander

Hi all, enthusiastic Pixelblaze user here <3

I’m converting some home-installed art I made a while back from using FadeCandy (RIP) to Pixelblaze (happy to chat more about why/how if there is interest).

I’m using this as an opportunity to try out the Pro Output Expander. I had a lot of luck using the smaller Output Expander in a previous project and I’m running into some behavior that is different from what I expect. Some questions:

  1. Do all fuses have to be in place, to use any of the outputs?
  2. Should the green draw LED be lit all the time? The documentation states that “this lights up when the address is set correctly and data is sent for one of it’s outputs.”, but I noticed no matter what address I toggle the jumpers to (my PB’s output expander board is set to channel 0), the light remains green. In fact, even disconnecting the data/clock from the PB->expander does not turn the green light off (see attached picture).

In terms of ruling out issues, I can confirm the Pixelblaze Standard V3 I am using works properly because attaching my LED strips to it directly works fine.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice with troubleshooting.

Hi @TheEtherBelow,
The green LED may be on briefly at startup, but goes off if it doesn’t see any valid data for its address. Additionally the orange LED will pulse if there’s no data at all. Since your LED is on with no data at all, I’m thinking the board may be bad. Shoot me an email with your order info and I can send a replacement.

The main fuse on the left should always be installed. Each output connector (4) has a fuse, and you can uninstall fuses for any you aren’t using. It will light up a red LED for each that are missing a fuse however, so you may want to keep a fuse installed just to keep the LED off (and save a handful of milliamps). The 4 output fuses won’t impact anything about the expander’s chip, green/orange status LED, or the Pixelblaze.

Hi, thanks so much for the prompt response! I suspected a bad board as well but wasn’t sure how to prove it. I’ll contact you via email.

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