Just finding out about this

Hello, TIA for any help. Wondering what it would take to run the module for the set of wheel rings on a truck? I currently use the SP105E for my installs. But this would definitely be something awesome to try for some new features. Would a 12v to 5v step down be required? Would ws2811 strips work, or would it be best to use another style?

Hi @Illuminationspecs,
Pixelblaze will definitely work with WS2811 type LEDs, and can drive 12V LEDs, but yes you’ll want a 12->5V buck/step down converter to power Pixelblaze itself.

WS2815 are native 12V LEDs with more efficiency than WS2811 at 12V, plus they have a backup data line and can survive one LED going out without disrupting the rest of the strip.

Awesome! I’ll definitely give those a try. I really appreciate the help!

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