Last LED of each strip does not turn on?

Hello !

I have 2 LED strips of 202 LED each connected to my data output (and 5V). model is SK6812 RGBW.
The last LED (202) does not light up on BOTH strips.

I have verified and the amount of LED is set properly in settings. If i write 200 LED, i have 2 missing at the end (normal), but 201 (normal behavior), but 202 or even more does NOT light up the last LED.

I have tried to apply a basic all white pattern without any mapping, no luck.

Do you think it’s possible the last LED of each strip fried ? I have no injection point, only connections are at the start of each strip.

Thank you

Double check that your pixel map also has 202 pixels. Otherwise it might not be rendering that pixel.

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Aaaand that was that, even though I checked it i overlooked a width=201 row…
Thank you again !

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