LC8808B Vs WS2815 vs GS8208

While looking for 12V LEDs, I’m coming across a lot of people selling LC8808B on Alibaba, as the “updated” WS2815. Does anyone have any actual information on this chipset vs the ws2815 or the gs8208?

I dont have any info but BTF on Alibaba did tell me WS2815 are being discontinued !

My two favorite sources on chipset info are Advatek’s protocol database (which doesn’t list these yet) and the community-maintained Addressable LED Controllers, Drivers, and Related Products & Projects sheet, which just says the spec sheets are similar (while listing several differing values in the columns!).

I’m not seeing mention of the GS8208’s killer feature (12 bit output gamma curve) on the pages that do mention it. This one says it’s a 12V WS2813. This one lists them as synonymous, but still doesn’t mention the gamma curve.

If you’re looking on Alibaba and not Aliexpress, you’ll probably find the vendors’ salespeople to be pretty responsive on chat. Maybe ask them about the gamma curve.

I’m glad WS2815s are being discontinued. The QC on some batches was notoriously bad.

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