LED Portal finally live after 3 years

Finally got my Pixelblaze project up and running after almost 3 years of working on it, and postponed events due to covid. I had posted some simulations of it (whch are also on the Youtube site) on here long ago, Finally got it built and set up and running for the Apogaea burning man event in Colorado back in June. Had great difficulty getting the PVC bent perfectly so its kinda flat on the top which I am not happy with. Got another year to get it perfect after what I learned this year. It was fun to do and people really loved it even though it was not perfect. Many said it was the best LED display in the whole 2 mile long event. Here it is: Apogaea 2022 LED Portal is live - YouTube


Nice job! It’s so satisfying to have a project actually see the world!

That is fantastic! What a great mesmerizing portal and tunnel effect! Did I hear someone having a LEDgasm in the video?
Are you and portal headed to the big burn by chance? I’d love to see this in person!

Nope, can’t afford the big burn in Nevada. Apogaea did help pay for some of the materials for the display which definitly helped. I’ll have to come up with a better way to mount the LED ping pong balls so that I get a perect circle for the event next year, as I will probably re-use and enhance it for future events. Maybe someday it will make it to the big event.

If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have ever thought anything was wrong. For what it’s worth, I don’t think it distracts from the awesomeness.

Thank you Ben. If it wasn’t for your Pixelblaze, it wouldn’t have been so awesome. Most of the what must have been hundreds of people who walked through it said it was the best installation at the event this year.