LEDfx using PBish patterns

The LEDfx devs are making amazing progress in adding new features to their code.

One “in development” bit is adapting PB patterns to work with it. It’s required some new ways of handling things

two problems:
1. converting hsv to rgb is simple enough for a single pixel, but iterating over an entire array would be too slow
i found a vectorised conversion that operates on the entire array, very fast!

2. pixelblaze uses render() function on each pixel, again iterating over the array. too slow in python
i came up with some methods to convert the iterative functions to vectorised ones, again very fast!

The code is in dev, in the Virtual branch on GitHub

Looks like fast pulse among others.

I suspect not all patterns will lend themselves to a “vectorizing” but hopefully this will be a good start.

Hi…I was searching for a tad of help with a task I’m chipping away at. I’m at present running LedFx on the Pi (Pi4), and this program transforms the pi into a regulator that speaks with an ESP8266 that has addressable leds and it can set examples, and so on Ledfx additionally can send music matched up examples to the leds through the esp8266 too. I’ve discovered that on the off chance that I open youtube on the chromium program and play a melody, the pi will “perceive” that music is playing and will appropriately impart a sign to the esp in this manner delivering impacts on the LED.

Wrong place to ask, Lev. Try The LEDfx discord.