Lights with piano keyboard like close encounters

Would like some help with my project trying to set up lights controlled with piano keyboard like in close encounters. I am currently using pyboard and relay boards, going to set up my pontoon boat with lights for lighted boat parade in November Richland Washington

You might want to try providing some more information.

What kind of LEDs are you planning on using? How is pixelblaze involved here? Are you wanting to send information from the keys via some kind of sensors? What are the LED effects you’re wanting to do? How is it all wired up?

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I have led light strips, would like to light them when pressing a key on the 25 keyboard, it’s a se25 USB keyboard, thinking about plugging it in raspberry pi, but I don’t know how to control it

Trying to build a keyboard with lights, that can record and play back for lighted boat parade

It would probably be easiest to use a Pixelblaze + sensor board to display the notes on the LEDs either using the 32 bucket frequencyData or the maxFrequency note over some threshold. You could probably get the keyboard (assuming MIDI) to more directly control LEDs but that will be much more complicated.

I would start by connecting your keyboard to the raspberry pi, and then seeing what you can get from the digital signals for the key presses.

Once you figure that out, then you can try to hook up a pixel blaze to the raspberry pi, and use a sensor board to get the rasp pi to output some information on a pin and send that to the sensor board, which you can then use to enable/disable/color pixels.

What do you recommend for sensor board and pixel blaze?

You might want to do a bit more research and tinkering. I would recommend looking at the adafruit site for some example projects to do that involve a microcontroller and LEDs. Their tutorials are great and you can learn a lot of the basics there to then expand on.

Thanks for the response, will keep it

At it . Had success with regular 8 channel relay boards, had to configure the pins to pull down to ground completing the circuit, still having trouble with the solid State relay boards, not sure if they will work with only 3.3 v, haven’t found any wire diagram yet for the 8 channel solid State relay boards… thanks