Line in microphone


Does anyone have a suggestion for a line-in microphone to use?

I tried this one:

It does not work :frowning:

The on board one seems like it does a great job. I’m just seeing if a dedicated mic will give better results.

Thanks! And I used the search bar and did not find any microphone related topics.

Hi @kylarleds,
The input jack takes line-level audio. Thats the level that would be fed to speakers or headphones. Microphone-level audio is something like 1/1000th as strong.

You can totally use a external mic, but you’ll need a preamp to bring it up to line-level.

The idea with the aux input is that it can be fed from a stereo or output from a DJ setup so that you get a clean input without ambient noise.

I hope that helps! We’d love to know what you end up doing with it :slight_smile:

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