Live stream today - on Alpenglow's Solder Sesh #58

Hey folks,
I’ll be on a live stream showing off PB and some of the new sync stuff, and working with the awesome Carrie at Alpenglow on her new sign!

Tune in at 4pm today, or catch the recording later.


It was so much fun! Pixel mapping is freakin magic! I’ve customized 3 patterns for my logo colors and have a question - is there an automagic way of applying a custom hue map to an existing pattern? I’ve been doing it with these steps, but am wondering if there’s a quicker way to kind of cycle thru the existing patterns and check them out?


  • Create a new pattern
  • Copy the pattern I want in
  • Change render(index) to render2D(index, x, y)
  • Change (or add) h to h = 0.055 - 0.2*y
  • Save as “Alpenglow (Pattern)”

My goal is to always have it show logo colors, just change animations and cycle thru a playlist of 20-30.


thank you for the stream and all the great stuff you did show.
thanks for showing what the sk9822 can do. i will need to get some of them :slight_smile:

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Hi @alpenglow,
It was so much fun! And your sign is looking amazing!

There’s no automagic for recoloring patterns without some code changes. We have some ideas there for a future feature. For as things are now, you are on the right track!

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Cool, good to know I’m doin it rite! :slight_smile:

For the livestream - we now have shorter highlights live!


Highlight #1: Ben’s Path into STEM

Highlight #2: Pixelblaze Show and Tell

Highlight #3: Pixelblaze History