Looking for advice on my first LED project (Double Staffs/ Flow Props)


I have no experience in DIY electronics but I’m looking to get started. Here is the idea that I’m working on right now: 2.5 ish foot staffs with LEDs in the ends. Here’s a reference point: Neo Double-Staffs 22

To describe the circuit that I am envisioning:

  • Battery-powered
  • Compact (I don’t want the staff to be too large in diameter that it’s hard to manipulate)
  • Simple (I don’t have any experience with soldering yet)
  • Durable (i hopefully wont be dropping these too much but the more rugged the better)

I was planning on getting a pixel blaze pico, either some led strips or neopixels “sticks”, and then some battery to power the unit that can be contained inside the diameter to the shaft. The things that I’m confused about is:

  • How does the PB actually get wired up? I think I understand the concept but I think seeing a picture might help me conceptualize it better.
  • Can the LED strips be cut and then powered separately? Since only the ends of the staff need to be lit up I don’t want to run LEDs all the way down the center of the staff. So can they be cut into two sections, say 6 inches, and wired to the same board while remaining independent?
  • What kind of batteries should I be looking at? how much power do they need to supply? I usually don’t use my props for more than 2-3 hours at a time so I don’t need a TON of battery life but obviously, I don’t want it running out in the middle of a session.

I’m hoping someone might be able to help me out with a solution or point me in the right direction. Any advice, criticism, or tips are greatly appreciated!


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