Looking for PB pattern programmer (paid)

Need a couple patterns coded, have no desire to learn to do it myself. Is there any people on here that will freelance some patterns for pay? TIA

Hi @PB43VER ,
This sounds like a great opportunity. I hope some more folks jump in here, I know there’s plenty of capable pattern authors here.

Can you give us an idea of what kinds of patterns you are looking for?

One I am after is a 1D simple security lighting pattern for a roofline point lights install. Client wants very specific lights to be on/off in sequence. Either looking to create this specific sequence he is after or perhaps a pattern that this concept can be tweaked and adjusted for multiple clients going forward.

The other is a simple chase pattern, ideally using 2 or more colors. Used for the same application, on 1D rooflines.

Is there a different place that’s more active with PB users? A Facebook group maybe? Looking to get started on this asap.

Welcome to the PB forum! Hey, I’m not trying to be snarky, but support boards like this one work best if you choose a very descriptive subject title so that the right people see and open your thread. For example, you might call this one “Looking for PB pattern programmer (paid)”.


Good idea, @Irwin.
We have a #jobs category too.

@PB43VER I updated this topic, hopefully it gets a few more eyeballs. Most folks come here for their own projects, or for the pure joy of creating patterns. It hasn’t yet become a busy hub for paid gigs, though this is the best place to find Pixelblaze experts.

You might want to cross post to the Facebook group LEDs are Awesome. Though it is a closed group, I often see requests for paid gigs come up, and most folks there are either familiar with Pixelblaze or could pick it up in a heartbeat.