LPD8806 LED Type settings

Oh Hey - Looking for any tips on using a few LPD8806 strips with PixelBlaze… Is this a feature request?

Seems like the protocol on the LPD8806 is pretty different then the current set of supported led type settings in the PixelBlaze boards.


“1.2 MHz high speed 7-bit PWM” - hot led fast action!

I have a few strips of 8806 sitting around and would really like to use them. These would be great for some POV effects and I would like to try this on the pixelblaze platform.

Thanks for the ideas!

Hello @runnerr0!
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I wish I had better news, currently these aren’t supported. I’ll def keep your request in mind, but I don’t get many requests for these LEDs. I too have a few rolling around too from old projects, but they aren’t that popular anymore.

If you are feeling up for a challenge, you could reprogram an output expander to support them, or add another microcontroller as an adapter.

Yea I love a challenge! I’ll take a peak at the work for expanding board option but what do you mean by using another controller? Could I drive them from pixelBlaze if I get them setup on say WLED where they have I think already have them working? Could you lay the using another controller out a bit?

Thanks again for the advise! Loving the simplicity and approachability of the pixelBlaze platform!

any updates?
I recently purchased a reel of lpd8806 for another project, and I would love to see the true power of PB on one of these strips