Maybe not exactly PB.. but incredible LED skills (Not mine)

The syncing of pumkins to voice… wow.


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[1D Horizontal] Halloween pattern contest

Came here to say … the syncing of pumpkins to voice. Amazing.

This is awesome, but I have to ask…

Can he open his garage door while he has this set up?

I can’t even imagine how many lines of code were written for that display. The amount of detail is pretty incredible.
Most impressive.

Pretty sure this is done in a way that’s similar to keyframe animation, using tools like this: LX Studio. It’s very like making an animated video. There might not be a lot of custom code involved.

The things that impress me most about this are (1) the awesome attention to detail in the visual design, and (2) OMG the mapping. Figuring out where all that stuff was going to wind up in 2D space must’ve been a huge job. Note to self: Need to build tools to at least make that kind of large scale, multipart mapping a little easier.

I think I looked up this guy’s tool chain once and he’s using xLights and Falcon controllers.

16x16x16 = 4096 !! That’s insane… the leds IF they cost $0.15 would be $615 for just that… Power usage is nuts… All full white it is using 1138 W and 4.25 KWh. So much to wrap ones head around.