Mini buck DC-DC 12V to 5V converter for Pixelblaze

New part in the stores!

This DC-DC converter efficiently converts 12V to 5V to power Pixelblaze and add-on boards.

  • Up to 18V input (19V absolute max)
  • 5V output @ 600mA, plenty for Pixelblaze and add-on boards
  • 80-90% conversion efficiency
  • Only 12mm x 11mm
  • 0.1" spaced easy to solder connections

Designed for Pixelblaze, in a minimal size.

On the ElectroMage shop:

On Tindie:


Here you call it “ElectroMage Store” but at the top of the page it says “Welcome to the new ElectroMag Shop!”

Is it a Store or a Shop? Is it ElectroMag or ElectroMage? I’m pretty sure there’s at least one typo in there.

That is a typo, fixed!

Shop, but it’s mixed until I can sort out all the names/references. I’d switched somewhere in the middle of making everything. On Tindie it’s called a store and that is what I started calling things that linked to it. For example here’s my “store” page on Tindie.

In American English, at least according to this page a “shop is only used to mean a very small store that has just one type of goods.” This seems to fit well with the Pixelblaze/LED focus of my “place where you can buy things.”

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Nice! Just in time for an RGBW variant of NS108 to show up, but moving from 5V to 12V after surveying customers.

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