Minimal 3d printed case for wearables

Hi, I’ve made a very tightly fitting 3d printable case for my wearable project.

The goal is to fit a PB + Sensor board (mounted quite low) without the screw block. And have some attachment points. I went for a recessed back surface that can have a stick on velcro strip attached and a couple of loops to be able to sew or zip tie it on.

The mic and button are still usable (the button works well and has a satisfying click)

More images

And the 3d files PrusaPrinters


That looks really sharp! Nice job!

This is really slick! I’ll have to try printing it! The tab with supports looks tricky.

It printed fine on my Prusa Mini, there was a bit of cleanup on the main body to tri,m the elephant foot bulge where it sticks to the bed. Let me know if you have problems and I can turn it into a separate piece with a hole in the lid that it glues into.

Also is there interest in an even smaller version for use without the sensor board?

Well done! A great looking design.

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The enclosure looks amazing. Love that it fully covers both the main board and expansion. Sadly I don’t own a 3D printer. Anyone willing to print one and ship to me for a fee? (US, Florida 33446) Thanks in advance

I haven’t had much luck printing it yet, I have an older printer and might have a worn nozzle. 3X attempts, tried with new PLA, still can’t get a good button post to print, and the elephant foot was inseparable. I did get one cover plate to print upside down, clipping off the relief rube, but the tab still didn’t make it. Sill usable if I glue a few things though!

The print off your Prussa is impressive!

I’d be happy to but it’s 5c in filliament, but $23.50 in postage from New Zealand!

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Very nice design…great job.

Reckon you could print me 10 of these and ship to California? These will simplify a lot for a bunch of burner bikes I’ve got to light :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually i just re-read… shipping FROM NZ, not too… nvm, great job though. I’ll try to print locally :slight_smile:

PCBway is pretty good if you don’t have good local options

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