Motion Reactive Idea

I wrote a little cute python script where this library does the heavy lifting…

Literally just paste all of the pixelblaze I was carrying’s vars into another pixelblaze further back set up with a pattern that uses motion data about 60 times a second. I tested it up to 120 times a second without noticing any serious lags.

And it works better than expected! I need to adjust my math a bit, maybe add a sensitivity knob to the pixelblaze I was using, etc… Still an idea in process!

The idea I’m leaning toward is making bracers I can wear that controls nearly pixelblazes, so when I sign in America Sign Language with dramatic movements, the lights around me reacts to what I’m signing! Perfect for America Sign Language poetry slam, etc.

Alternatively, bracers that controls lightings sewen into my clothings! Scream “BE BLINDED!” in America Sign Language, and a second star appears on earth! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA


Neat! What pattern are you using? It might be helpful to my question I was asking yesterday – Example patterns using 3-axis accelerometer - #12 by Regorlas

Uhh, I just got back home. That pattern is on the pixelblaze I left back at the workshop.

Hmm. As I remember it, at that time, it was a quickly modified circle pattern, with the radius being affected by the accelerator data. Go faster, bigger the radius becomes.

It’d be much better if I had bothered to put in a fading action from other patterns, it’d be much cooler. I ripped the circle out of this pattern.

And the formula for making the accelermeter data useable was from the wizard’s set-up pages.


I pretty much deleted everything but the sphere in the stairmaster pattern, and brought the sphere to the center then set the totalRadius to totalAcceleration, and voila! With a bit more of polishing, I’d be able to make it more obvious that light is spreading out from the top-center of the sphere to the edge then falling back to the top-center quickly. Time(0.1) somewhere in the pattern there and there, and perfection.

What took up a bunch of time and distracted me from actually finishing the project was how the accelerometer sensor could pick up the rotation of the earth around the sun. I got too excited due to that and… Uhh, a few craters later, I found myself working on a bunch of different ideas!