Multiple Data out's for a PB?

So I over did it (surprise) and am building a thing with 2100 pixels (6 channels x 350). I’m predicting a desire for higher frame rate than will be possible with the standard PB data and clock outputs…

With the output expander I’m getting about 32k pixels per second which works out to 15fps. This will do for now, but it is noticeable.

I’m wondering though, is it possible for the ESP32 to drive multiple channels. Or potentially to use the C channel as a second Data. I’m running sk6812 rgbww’s for this project, so I don’t need the clock.

I’m asking at the technical level first, as in could the hardware do it, and would that be faster than chaining two output expanders in line. I’m presuming it’s the ws2812 protocol limit over the D pin that’s the limit with my setup currently. Or would we hit a different bottleneck in that situation?

If so, could that be via one of the sensor board section of pins? D & D instead of D/C. or worst case an iteration on the PCB…

I’m mainly curious… I’d gather it’s not super high on the pb priority list, but am wondering if there’s a trick to getting higher framerates with a 2100 pixel setup… 40/50fps ideally.