Music Sequencer V2 & V3 - Tempo Detection Question


I’ve been looking at Jeff’s fantastic code for the Music Sequencer V2 & V3 and I would like help extracting the code for the tempo detection and then using it to do the following:
1: affect the brightness
2: shift the hue

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @Kamehana -

This should definitely be possible, but the main question is “how” you’d like to affect the hue and brightness. Also wanted to see if you meant beat detection - tempo detection gives you something like “120 BPM” but beat detection lets you do something on each beat.

There’s a minimal version that only has the tempo+beat detection and one pattern uploaded to the patterns library (currently on page 2) - look for “Flash Posterize + Music Sequencer framework”; Replace the function flashPosterize() { part with other pattern code and that should work.

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Based on your description, I meant beat detection - doing something on each beat.

Taking your advise, I downloaded “Flash Posterize + Music Sequencer framework" and I believe that I can use this as a model. This will be extremely helpful.

Many Thanks!