My Cheater Method to Mapping 3D Spheres / Polyhedra

I posted this over on LEDs Are Awesome a bit ago:

I am working on spherical project and found a really great resource online with 3D coordinate systems for all sorts of polyhedron.

The coordinates can be manually manipulated into an obj file, and then imported to Blender to arrange vertex indexes to match LED wiring order and exported back to an obj file.

Pic: PixelBlaze mapped Truncated Pentakis Dodecahedron vertices for sphere / ball.


That’s an interesting site - thanks for sharing.

This is super cool – I’m setting up a helmet for Burning Man where I was going to just “flatten” the hemisphere for the mapping, but I think this would work much better if I can play around with it!

Could you elaborate how you achieved this? I got stuck on the coordinates → OBJ file conversion step. My point cloud kept getting displayed in a plane rather than in 3D space. Also I am unsure how one would arrange the vertex indexes.