My collection of LED Art in my Home Office / man cave

My collection of LED Art in my Home Office / man cave

these are some of the objects i built over the course of my LED journey so far. i have a few more for which i do not have a place at the moment.

a few details to the projects (from left to right):

the infinity cube:

the Infinity cube was my first attempt at 3d modeling and 3d printing. this was the project i first got into fusion 360 for.
the Cube runs Wled, currently with a quinled dig quad. i received my Mic today as all my old ones were broken. sound reactivity works great, but i seem to have a few things i need to dial in properly.
i am kind of happy with the project, but there are flaws i see now. and where i know what to do better. also it would really benefit form 144LEDs/m strips or some COB LED strips.
right not i am not sure if i should rebuild the cube (i have the panels already) or build a new shape.

i have yet to try it with a Pixelblaze controller. I will need to figure out how to do the mapping.

Mandala Mirrors:

next to the infinity cube and also on the wall next to the door. these are some of my early projects. they are made of 4 and 6mm plywood layers with a laser etched mirror inside. everything is build in a modular way so i can change panels and service the inside.
the mirror next to the cube is running WLED since i updated it recently. the 2 mirrors on the wall (next to the door) are powered off very thin USB power banks (i never felt comfortable working with lipos. but i think i should change that)

The bit Infinity Mirror with String art:

here you can see an early version of my infinity mirror

this one was still made of lasercut plywood layers with a thick base for a windy festival stage.
the problem is that i needed the frame to be thinner so i redid it with thicker wood and used a CNC for the frame.
the LEDs and the string art inside the mirror are built in layers and can be swapped out.
i got a set of UV LEDs and other layers with different string art for it.
i run it with WLED but i also have pixelblaze controller for for it.

the cylinder

sitting on top of the right speaker is this:
i just run it with WLED.

Hexagon / Cube something…:

this one was originally just a POC but i liked it so much that i turned the poc into a project.
I made it with a lasercut playwood and epoxy. it is run with a pixelblaze controller. mostly because it was easy to map the irregular matrix with it.

Triangle Wall panel

this one is base of this project
however i did a lot of redesigning and also i did the wiring differently.
i run it with a pixelblaze controller.