My first LED projects powered by Pixelblaze

Hello !

I’ve been asking a lot of questions in the last months on this forum as i was diving deeper down the rabbit hole of LED lightning. Today i would like to say thanks to whoever spent time to answer it, as I am satisfied with the results.

Here are 2 projects I’ve been working on in the past months, both powered by a Pixelblaze standard + Sensor board:

  • A foldable handfan (sound reaction through mic and movement enabled patterns) - 171 LED
  • A festival stage light installation to be suspended above the DJ - 2x800 LED @144/m (same data line). Thanks to the last firwmare update I can run it at 30-40 fps !

Both projects are part of my ongoing will since Burning Man 2018 to have more art in my life, and participate more to festivals, events…

Huge thanks to the (unknown?) authors of the great stock patterns like Blinkfade, Spectrometer, and whatever useful code i saw on these forums.

MASSIVE big up to @jeff for his mighty Sound Sequencer pattern. The code itself is art. Took me a while but i finally understood most of this beast. I’d really like to ask a few questions on it if you have time some day for the remaining (in short, is it possible for example to change the pattern inside the sequencer based on the music intensity, or bass/break detected, i couldn’t figure it out).

I have heavily modified the program to adapt it to the circle, and improve it to make the difference between breaks (no bounce), drops (massive fill), bass and adjust intensity with the music. This is particularly useful with Bass Scope.

Tomorrow i’m going to install the ring on the stage, i’ll make sure to post some videos of the festival this weekend ! Thank you again to Electromage ! Great platform, great support.

Video here:

Thank you again for your help !


Looks awesome! How did you end up getting the hand fan together? Can we see a high res photo?

I’ll send a photo later next week.
It’s basically a bunch of WS2812c (low consumption, very small 2020 LED) sticked on the handfan branches.
There is a 18650 battery on the side + 5V boost/USB-C charger circuit 3A + PB & Sensor Board, and a button to isolate the boost circuit from the LED and PB to avoid idle consumption.

The main challenge is to do very flat soldering for wiring so that the fan can be closed properly without destroying all the soldering.


Any chance you can share – or upload to the patterns library – your new sound code? A somewhat simplified Sound pattern – especially one that works for circular designs – would both be massively useful to the community as a whole and to a project I’m working on a v2 of specifically.

As you said, @jeff 's version is both impressive, and also not super user friendly to modify and simplify down!

(Obviously when you’re back from the event you’re installing it at this weekend!)

Hey @hololit - I saw your mention and kind words, but I’m out of town working a complex show so I wouldn’t be able to do a walkthrough until mid next week. If that’s still interesting, send me a DM!

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