My PB finally arrived :)

Ok, so I ordered my Pixelblaze back in November, and Canadian Customs made a right pigs ear of it…so I only just picked it up this week…I finally got round to playing with it…WOW

First of all, the form factor…This thing is so much smaller than I thought it would be. Means I can hide it on some of my projects really easily, now if only they made batteries smaller!

The ease of use…connect to PB, download some patterns.BAM. So good.

I just ordered about $300 worth of Neopixels from Alibaba and I’m ordering a whole load of raw materials next week to get started on a few things I have in mind.

I’m also gonna have to order at least 1 more PB to play around with here.

Thanks Ben for creating such a cool product and thanks to this community for being so awesome!

Happy New Year everyone, hopefully is the light at the end of the tunnel:)


I thought Spanish customs where bad. I ordered in November and it only took 16 days. Which I thought was pretty good. Normally stuff gets stuck in Madrid for a week or three.

@tattooedferret have you seen the V3 stuff? The Pico is crazy small and looks to be less than 1/3 size of the V2. Welcome to the wonderful world of PB. :slight_smile:

Oh wow, I hadn’t seen that, only that the V3 was coming out soon. That’s mental! My only issue now is powering my ideas, I usually use a battery pack but its so bulky, I’ll have to figure something out…But until then I’ll upload some pics once some things get made:)

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