My PB V3 shipped from CrowdSupply

Wooooooooohoooooooo ! (Ok the shipping label was created)

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and it arrived yesterday. I see some soldering in my weekend :slight_smile: I think I will see if I have some different headers for it though. I got the sensor board with the V3 and would like to be able to remove it when not being used. A female header I think would work for that.

That might be an idea @wizard to include a male and female header… but not a big deal since most of us have some on hand.

For easy removal, I solder pin headers to the PB, and the 7 pin socket to the sensor board.

It’s tall, but this is the intended setup given the kit parts included. Are you saying you didn’t get an 8 pin header with PB and a 7 pin socket with the SB? (SB also comes with a 7 pin header for the analog inputs header)

The SB kit should have looked like this:


Sorry @wizard I must not have looked closely at the contents in my excitement. It does contain a female header, which is brilliant! :slight_smile: And exactly what I wanted.

Well I have it soldered and up and running. Very nice!