Nanoleaf like projects

There are a huge pile of “build it out of” projects out there.
Some are wood, some are plastic, some are
cardboard and tin foil… But all of them use a string of LEDs, and some form of controller.


PB is a natural at this (especially with the sensor board for audio input).

I’ve got an idea I’m still working on and it’s not yet ready for eyeballs, and I do plan on marketing it, likely thru Etsy, as that’s probably my target audience. (And I haven’t committed to using PB yet, due to pricing, it might be a higher price tier option (with some super cheap LED controller by default, my goal is to make this so low priced that it’s a no-brainer) But I’ll definitely share photos and code I do for the PB to drive it.

Anyone else done a project like this?


@BanhammersWrath made some nanoleaf clones:

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@Scruffynerf I have always wanted to try and see what I could do 3d printing some shapes along this idea. It’s on my list of things to do. No worries I only “live leds” as a hobby. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Best of luck and keep us posted on progress if you can.

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