Need help on led Glove idea and code

Hello all,

I am trying to make a project for a friend of mine that for rave gloves. I’ve came up with so far is I have a string of lights going to tip to tip for sequential patterns. Was also thinking of adding a led ring on the chest for added effects for light show. It would be amazing if I could also to pov but I’m sure that would be difficult. I do have all the pixel boards and expansion boards for this and was planning on using a usb battery pack to power this up. Anybody have any ideas on how to do this better

Here is a link to the glove idea

My friend also has a wireless set from here for ideas.

My goal is make a set with leds on the gloves and going down the arms with a possible led ring…

Another question would how would I need to code this? Or would it be just arrays or would it be best to wire this up with different data points?

Thanks in advance.


I struggled to understand the descriptions a little, and I peeped your links but wasn’t quite sure how those gloves work. I don’t think there’s any picture of the units on fingers - How many LEDs are each finger - are they on a linear array?

I think PoV for this would be pretty doable - including the writing in the video. Check out the PoV text update I posted a few days ago and have a look at the updated code. It uses arrays to cycle through the stored characters, and you don’t need motion data for it to be visible.

Good luck, show us what you build!

Thanks for the reply. You recommend any screens or bulbs or this?

I think you’d be looking for a line of 2020 (2mm square) pixels on a PCB; the only products I know like this are on Adafruit and Sparkfun, and none are smaller linear arrays like I think the video is showing… Let us know if you can find some!

Maybe contact the glove maker and ask about seeing/buying the modules and ask if you can hack them to your own controller (IE what protocol are they).

Some 144/m density 5050 LEDs might also work, depending on the effect you are going for. The fancy gloves I’ve seen were non-addressable LEDs driven directly from a microcontroller. Many simple ones are just a single RGB LED changing patterns quickly.

Yeah I can’t find anything that small. I do have a bunch of 5050 addressable leds with a 4 inch pitch I might be able to get to work between each finger. I will need some to be a little bit long than others.

I could use just one array on each hand that way and use the pov code you had and hope that works.

Maybe even use the sensor board to code up,down,left right arrows on the leds when moving the hands in that direction!